Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jumpstart Tip #6 - Back Up Your Computer Files

If you're wondering how this is a 'Jumpstart Tip' then you have clearly never lost a computer hard drive or had your computer stolen or damaged. It can take years to recreate all that work you may have done - even if you've just recently started.

Here are a few tips to help. Among the many folder on my computer hard drive, I have ONE main folder named 'Genealogy' and EVERYTHING dealing with my family history is in there. Sub-folders by surname, place name, data type (census, naturalization, etc.), presentations, correspondence, photos, and more are all organized within. I even have a folder called 'To File' with items I'm either still working on or have not yet decided where to file. I will frequently copy the entire contents of this GENEALOGY folder to a separate USB drive (or two). I keep one in my fireproof safe and will also often bring a copy and leave it at my brother's house 90 minutes away.

There are also online services if you prefer that will automatically back up your entire computer hard drive. I choose to copy my files by major folder because I can then just take the USB drive with me quite easily to family functions, libraries, archives or other places.

If you have not backed your files up recently, stop reading my tips and go back your files up now! This blog will be here when you are done.

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